Real property encompasses a diverse and varied set of laws and practice areas.  It is important to choose an attorney who is familiar with and regularly handles your issues.  In order to best represent my clients, I limit the scope of my real property practice and maintain a strong network of attorneys who specialize in other areas. My areas of practice include:

Landlord Representation and Leasing for Businesses and Individuals  

  • Commercial and residential lease drafting and negotiation
  • Assignments and subletting
  • Termination, breach, and deposit issues
  • Unlawful detainer actions
  • Amendments and modifications

Title and Property Transactions

  • Adverse Possession
  • Public Dedication
  • Quiet Title actions
  • Exceptions to title in anticipation of title insurance or close of escrow
  • Transfers or sale of property between co-tenants including trust beneficiaries
  • Deeds of Trust and promissory notes
  • California Real Property Tax exemptions, exclusions, and re-assessments


  • Prescriptive easements
  • Maintenance and access rights
  • Abandonment and extinguishment 
  • Easement agreements

Co-Ownership Issues

  • Tenancy in Common agreements and LLC Operating Agreements for co-ownership and management
  • Co-tenancy, marital, and joint tenancy deeds
  • Separating co-ownership interests through partition
  • Homeowners Association and CC&R issues

Boundary and Neighbor Disputes

  • Structural improvements that encroach on common boundary lines
  • Tree, fence, and retaining wall maintenance
  • Access issues

If you need assistance with a real property issue I do not handle, I am happy to take time to discuss the matter and help find the right counsel to assist you.

Real Property and Estate Planning Crossover 

Real property issues are often closely intertwined with estate planning and estate administration.  Commercial and residential property can constitute a signification portion of family wealth, but can consistently create difficulties related to family relationships, management, sale, and tax.  My estate planning and administration experience provide me with a strong understanding of how best to handle leasing after death of a landlord, sale or distribution of inherited property between trust or estate beneficiaries, California real property tax re-assessment and exemption planning, management and transfers between co-owners, and options for holding title.