My fine art practice is rooted in an appreciation of individuals who create a livelihood through painting, sculpture, and photography.  Whether drafting bills of sale, handling payment disputes, or providing intellectual property advice, my goal is to protect my clients unique workmanship.  My focus includes representing and advising artists in the following areas: 


  • Escrow agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Bills of Sale 
  • Consignments
  • Loan agreements


  • Improper retentions of works
  • Payment and contract disputes
  • Copyright enforcement


  • VARA & moral rights
  • Licensing agreements
  • Copyright protections 
  • Derivative works
  • Model releases

Estates of Artists and Collectors 

Artist estates pose unique and often complex issues.  My estate planning practice provides me with experience to help artists plan for their legacy,  intellectual property, and heirs.  Likewise, fine art collectors need specific tax and intellectual property planning focused on the particular aspects of fine art assets. In my estate planning practice I take pride in utilizing knowledge that assists both artists and collectors to craft plans tailored to their specific needs.